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Good Evening,
With guidance now allowing the resumption of Tennis from the 29th, we’d be happy for the league to resume once regulations allow. My proposal is for the league to stay in its original format, as to what it was going to be last year, with the view to move to a fourth division in 2022. Also, if guidance results in competitive tennis / doubles to not be allowed until we move through the further easing of restrictions (so May/June), is that we play each team home or away, and play both cup’s alongside.
I’d also propose if possible, initial away matches to be as close to the opposing team as possible, if many players are required to travel alone, and leave the longer distanced matches to the end of summer where hopefully the tighter restrictions have been lifted.

As a final idea, last year at Scotter we used separate balls for each player, to avoid cross-contamination from picking each other’s balls up. However we recognise this may be a problem in matches with ball supply.