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Graham Standley
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The other consideration was that reducing the first division to 7 teams now would mean that one team will be relegated without playing a single match having been promoted at the end of 2019 which seems rather unfair. The only alternative would be to relegate an extra team from the 2019 season which would be a retrospective decision and certainly more unfair. In future, as the distribution of teams between divisions will need to be decided at an AGM, we need to move to a concept of team ranking rather than promotion and relegation as movement between divisions is affected by the number of teams entering and leaving the league and decisions made at the AGM. So, for the coming season ONLY, if we do have 8 teams in Division One, I would propose that the team that wins division two is promoted two places up the rankings. This means that the team that finishes 8th in Division One would almost certainly be relegated to Division Two and the team finishing in 7th place would also be overtaken by the winner of Division Two. So if the AGM then decides that there should be 7 teams in Division one the following season, the winner of Division Two would still be promoted and the team that finished 7th would also be relegated.
The same principle would apply to the other divisions where it would be agreed at the start of the season, how many places the winning team would be promoted – either one or two.
So this season, with four divisions, the winners of 3A and 3B would both be promoted above the two teams finishing at the bottom of the Second Division. This is why we need to have an equal number of teams in Divisions 3A and 3B, so that a statistical comparison is as fair as it can be, to determine the final team rank order for the following season.