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If the majority of clubs opt for 4 divisions then there are at least 3 teams in Div. 2 that will be relegated (rather than the usual 1) so I can’t see why we are protecting Div. 1 teams and keeping their league numbers 33% higher than the others. Better to make it more even/fairer by relegating two from Div 1 and then having 7 teams in Div. 1 & 2.

As for having unequal number of teams in Divs 3a & 3b, whilst not ideal, it would not be the end of the world – and some people would get extra tennis which it is what it should be about in a parochial league.

After consultation with some of the committee, and in view of the lack of matches proposed with the four divisions option, I think that it would better to stick with 3 Divisions in 2021 (OPTION 1C) -and scrap the Cup for this year. Providing COVID stats continue to fall and with many of our clubs having floodlights, the season could start late April and extended through to mid-September to help issues around fixture congestion.

I appreciate that there hasn’t yet been sufficient feedback from others so wonder if a Zoom meeting could be arranged to discuss all these options and everyones opinion is voiced.