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You are right about my views last year and even last month but the dramatic downward change seen in the last 3 weeks in Covid stats is astonishing and can’t be ignored. I have always erred on the side of caution – I had serious doubtsabout the LTA recommendations on returning to play – so much so that I requested further confirmation which they supplied. I have taken into consideration this and the views of others at the club and I am not saying that they won’t change again if circumstances demand but we must endeavour to offer the best we can at the given time. I advocated 4 divisions in 2020 based on player availability at our club and how the end of the previous season had finished with, if I remember correctly, one of our teams having to play 3 games in a week just to complete fixtures. It is pleasing to report that our membership has continued to flourish and the enthusiasm for team tennis has also increased this year – something that I could not confirm on the 25th of February. I would have hoped that, in these strange times, we all should accept that both circumstances and views may change. The decisions made this year are more important than ever – as I asked previously, are we holding some form of League AGM (Via Zoom) to sort out as everything as views last year (pre-Covid) may no longer be valid.