Winter League

Rules and Format

(Revised – 18 October 2022)

  1. All matches to be played during weekends – see fixture list.
  2. Home captain to contact the away team captain to arrange the day and start time. The home captain is responsible for providing the tennis balls for play.
  3. Teams to consist of 2 pairs (4 players). The mixed section to consist of 2 mixed pairings.
  4. Each pair to play 1 set against each of the opposing pairs.
  5. Sets to consist of 13 games – all of which should be played.
  6. A sudden death deuce point to be played on the second deuce – receiver’s choice.
  7. If there is a tie at six games all, a standard tie-break to 7 points is to be played.
  8. The final match score is the overall number of games won by each team during the match. The winning team shall be the team winning the most games during the match. 2 points shall be awarded to the winning team, or 1 point each on a drawn match (26-26).
  9. League positions shall be decided on a points basis. In the event of teams holding equal points, the higher position shall be awarded to the team having the best games percentage, i.e. games won expressed as a percentage of the total games played. If that still results in teams being tied, then the higher position shall be awarded to the team winning the match between the two tied teams.
  10. Clubs with more than one team in a section should nominate 2 players for the higher ranked team who will be eligible to play ONLY for the higher ranked team in all league matches.
  11. On the completion of a match, please email the games score result to results@gainsboroughtennis.com
  12. If a match has to be called off for the weather or some other reason, the match is to be rearranged at a later date. However, if the match is called off after the away team has arrived or set-off, the rearranged match is to be played at the away team’s courts.
  13. Players are only allowed to play for one club in each section of the Gainsborough Winter Weekend League during a season i.e. a player can only play men’s or ladies for one club, but can play mixed for a different club.

Download the Winter League scorecard HERE